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Top 5 Easiest Ways To Personalise Your House

The feeling of moving into a new house is simply exciting; the urge to get creative and decorate your home the way you dreamt is thrilling. Sometimes even after your boxes are unpacked, and you have set the furniture you still don’t get a homely feeling.

Here in this article, we will tell you where to start from in transforming your house into a beautiful home. Before you start making your home a place where you can start filling it with personal mementoes and memories, so here are these seven tips will transform your space into the perfect place call home.

Throw Some Color Around

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was right there is no place like home. But to be honest, there is no place like home that reflects your personal taste. According to research, you can judge the personality of people living in a home after you observe their rooms or living style.

That’s why we have assembled these seven ways to personalize your home, for starters think about adding color to your room. Think about your favorite colors? If yellow or red is something that appeals you, then go for it. The way you combine your favorite colors is as individual as you are. If you have the problem with paint, then opt for some colorful pillows.

Share Your Travels

Travel experiences are the best, and you can make beautiful art gallery out of those pictures or souvenirs. You can do different things to make your personal statement like Turn a small cabinet or shelf into a travelling display by customizing it with photos and postcards and adding some meaningful words to it.

Look For The Unique

Rather than going for the conventional furniture that is produced in masses, go for something that adds personality to your room. A hand carved small table from Maldives can do the job, but with a foreign accent. Similarly, you can also add the armoire of your great-grandma’s nothing can beat it because family memories add more warmth to a house.

Lighten Your Way With Warm Light Fixtures

If you update the lighting fixtures in any space, it will instantly make a room feel more homely for many reasons. Adding lighting to your house adds a personal touch, think of a favourite lamp or chandelier. We recommend that you invest in a dimmable hanging lights in as many rooms as possible, particularly in the kid’s room, where you can reduce the lighting during the bedtime routine. Also, put lamps and fixtures around your home to control the lightning as per your requirement. Houses are often built with the simplest lighting available – a single overhead bulb or some side lamps of builder-grade recess lighting. These choices are understandable as they are cost effective. However, if some inexpensive update can make a huge impact on the room, you are staying in then why not investing in it. We recommend that you replace the overhead lighting with table top lamps that direct light in all the corners of the room. Adding chandeliers and other unique fixtures add a beautiful impact to the chamber.

Lightning is one of the easiest ways of adding a personal and inexpensive touch to your home – particularly if you are a flea market or thrift store savvy.

Add A Reading Nook

No matter how modern or beautiful, the best interiors are inviting and cozy. Find a section or nook in your bedroom or living room, where you can create the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee.  All you need is a floor lamp, a big comfy chair and a furry throw and a footstool to prop your feet on it. You can also add a candle holder for reading by candlelight, and you have created the most irresistible perfect reading nook.

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