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6 Ways to Sell Your House Quickly in August 2017

sell your house quickly

August is already here and you must be bearing some hot summer days. Kids would be enjoying their summer school vacations. Few of you might even be overseas to enjoy this season. But this is exactly why estate agents refer this month to as ‘Awful August’. Hot days and people enjoying their holidays means very few house buyers. Are you looking to sell your house quickly in August 2017?

There may be few house properties up for sale in August but that also means that you will have even a better chance of tempting a buyer. So, how can you do that? Swift Property Buyer gives you some invaluable tips in this post.

6 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly by Swift Property Buyer

Make the most of ‘Awful August’ by following some of our tips to sell your house quickly.

Give your house a summer look

Your home should have a look that is inviting for the potential buyers. If you have a garden, be sure that its neat, plants are trimmed and are watered regularly. Get your furniture out and make the buyer imagine themselves sitting back and enjoy hot summers in your garden.

Keep your house cool

Before conducting any viewings, open doors and windows to get the heat out and cool the house down. Closed curtains during the day can help the cause too. Try to avoid using oven before or during a viewing of your house.

Cleanliness is important

Make sure that your windows are washed regularly so that the outside view is crystal clear and sun is shining through them.

Be flexible

Hot and long days mean that potential buyers would be interested in viewing your house during the evening timings, so be flexible and accommodate buyers in all suitable timings.

Check images

Make sure that the images that your agent is using are up to date. If your photos show trees without leaves or snow on the lawn, get them changed right away.

Take your property off market

Well, if you are still unable to sell your house, then relax. We all know that August is a tough month to sell in. Therefore, consider taking your property off the market and give yourself a rest. Sit back and enjoy your summer vacations!

Sell your house quickly with Swift Property Buyer

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