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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room Better

A healthy home is a better home. Well…maybe there is no surety for that. But a healthy home is after all a healthy place to live in and that is 100% correct.

When we talk about reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in today’s homes many people assume things like cleaning agents found in the bathroom and kitchens. But the harmful pests in your house can come out from other places of the house. Your living room can be as unhealthy as the other rooms, but luckily there are some easy ways that can assist you in solving the problems.


Beautify With Houseplants

Houseplants make your house look different and beautiful, they look great so spending some money on life in-door plants is a great idea. In 1989 NASA reported that having one plant potted every 100 square feet of floor space can radically improve the air quality. Good news, right. But you don’t have to overdo it. The trick is to decorate it with houseplants and include enough natural element in your house to clean the air without adding a lot of plants that your rooms seems to be a jungle.


No VOC Paints

Low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) paints are fine, but VOC free paints are much better. VOC stand for unstable organic compounds and they contain a whole host of harmful chemicals. Traditional paints always comprise of VOC’s but fortunately as the wish for greener and healthier products in the homes have increased, manufacturers have brought out better options.

Many businesses offer paints that are market “low VOC” but be cautious that there is no proper indication of what this means. Lesser than what? To be on the safer side it better to go for those paints that claim to be VOC free. And luckily most of the main brands offer them so you don’t really have to lose the color or quality.


Vacuum And Clean Regularly

The dust will gather every day in your home – and too often I just becomes a nuisance – it can be unsafe. Everyday dust in your house contains harmful chemicals that are not good for your health. So it is important that you vacuum and dust your house every day or every alternate day.


Use Short Pile Rugs

Rugs and carpets are magnets for dust and allergens, even when they are cleaned regularly. The best way to fight this is to select a rug with a low pile. Flat weave rugs are a better option as the dust can’t settle in and they are easy to clean. If you think you will miss the soft plushy rugs underfoot and you don’t want to select a low pile rug, then select something that is made of all –natural fibers such as wool or cotton because they are easy to clean and they won’t off-gas any dangerous chemicals.


Take Off Your Shoes

Without any doubt one of the easiest ways to make your house a healthier place is by removing your shoes before you come inside the house.   Your shoes are one of the easiest ways to bring in germs and dirt inside the house. Keep a pair of slippers that you only wear inside the house, or go barefoot if it’s better for you. As long as you are not bringing in any dirt along with your shoes you are making the house a bit healthier. And every small step will definitely help.


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