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5 Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

When it comes to selling your house, one of the most important questions is whether to renovate your house or not which can Add Value.

If you want to climb your way up the ladder to your dream house, you need to know how to increase the value of your house. Here are top five ways through which you can increase the value of your house.

Purchase A Better Kitchen

Storage is an essential factor for the purchasers, and how well you can function in a kitchen can really have a great impact on how favorable the property looks to a buyer. A new kitchen will make your property more appealing to the buyers. Opt for neutral, clean kitchen designs and always keep the expense in proportion to the current value and size of the property.

Add Value To Your Property With A Bathroom

After the kitchen renovation the next target is the bathroom. Getting a new bathroom design or adding a second bathroom can add around 5% value to your home. But stay cautious never add a bathroom at the cost of losing a double bedroom, as this will only devalue your property. Simply renewing a bathroom suite, with a new shower screens, fresh taps and sparkling towel and clothing rails will also add value to your home, but you may only be able to recoup 25% of your price.

Carpets And Flooring

If the carpets or the floor in your house is quite old then you may want to consider replacing or cleaning them. Home carpet cleaning kits are available in the market, but if you can’t do it on your own then its best you hire a professional service for it. If you have wooden flooring then you can freshen them by sanding it and add a nice varnish to the finish, or again you can give it a proper wash before the buyer comes to visit the place. Remember carpets and flooring play an important role in the value of the house because if the buyer feels that he needs to replace the carpet or the floor then he would want it to reflect in the overall price.

Insulate The House

Nobody likes to walk in a house that is freezing cold, particularly in the winter time, so to increase the FEEL of the house rather than the appearance. We need to ensure that the house is properly insulated.

This can consist loft insulation, pipe lagging, cavity wall insulation, exterior wall insulation or something as simple as draught proofing around the windows and doors. The value of your property will decrease tremendously because the new owners of the house have to pay a lot of money to buy all the insulation if you don’t pre-fix it.

Make The Most Of The Back Garden

Installing a glass sliding door along the backyard wall will not only make your kitchen or living room look better, it will bring your garden to the house. You will need outdoors lightning to make it look appealing at night and in winter.

Only you the reader, knows where you want to stay, but hopefully in this article you have some ideas about how to add value to your home, or at least you now know where you don’t have to waste money on poor home improvement decisions.

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